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Starting on August 19th


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Hello  ;)

my name ist Nadia and I'm starting my whole 30 on the 19th of August, after I went on vacation. I'm really impressed of how much people do and did this lifestyle change. 

I do this because I want to live healthier and become lean and fit. Unfortunately I can't stop smoking at the moment ( too much stress and I'm not ready to quit ), therefore I want to eat healthy and do sports. It doesn't make my habit to smoke any better, but I won't feel as bad about it as I do now.


I'm really excited to do my whole30 and hope to feel better and fitter  :D If possible I will update this post from time to time  :)


PS. Excuse my bad english, my mothertongue is german and I live in Italy, english is my third language  :rolleyes:


Have a nice day and stay strong



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