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Something's got to go... what?


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If I really feel like I can't eat this much, what part should I cut back on, the veggies or the protein?  (assuming that the fruit and down is already gone from the meal)


Really, even two eggs with all these veggies alone is overwhelming.  And I'm not getting hungry between meals at all so should I try cutting it back a little? 


Tonight I had two eggs scrambled with some corned beef pieces (cooked in ghee) and garlic-roasted cauliflower.  It was so filling that after just a few bites of the eggs, I lost all desire to eat. 



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Hi Josie welcome!  I did a quick check of your other posts and I see that you're on (or have just finished) Day 5.  What you are experiencing is pretty typical for the early days/weeks of Whole30.  Many of us, women especially, have been trained to undereat (and in the case of breakfast, skip it entirely).  We've also been taught to eat every 90 minutes or something like that throughout the day.  So at the beginning of Whole30, it can be a challenge to simply eat a meal, then go 5-6 hours, then eat another meal, then go 5-6 hours, then eat another meal.


A couple of things to try:

1. Eat as much of breakfast as you can, then put the rest aside and finish it later in the morning.

2. Determine if your portion sizes match your activity levels (for lower activity levels, for instance, closer to the minimum of 1 palm protein, 1 thumb-size portion of fat, 2 cups veggies).


Based on what I read of your previous posts, I'm not clear if your lap band is a factor in how much you can eat in one sitting, so keep in mind that the above recommendations are based on the idea that the lap band is NOT a factor.  (If it is, then of course you'll follow your medical guidelines for amounts to eat and intervals between meals.)


Coming from a different mindset about food, meals, and mealtimes, many of us have found it to be tricky to switch immediately from 6-8 times of eating per day down to 3.  It's OK to eat according to the template and then save the rest for later if you get full before your plate is finished.  One of our moderators, Tom Denham, reports that it took him a full year to work his way down from 4-6 meals per day to 3.  So don't worry too much about it, just respect your full cues and put the remainder aside for later.


Congrats on making it near to the end of the first week!  It sounds like you are on track, and you are experiencing a phenomenon common to many first-week Whole30ers.  Happy eating, and may the meals be ever in your favor. ;):D

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