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Post gastric bypass


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Day 7.

First time posting here. Have been logging my food on MyFitnessPal, so won't repeat it here. I don't think I'm eating enough. Coming in most days at 1000-1200 cal. The one day I "fell off the wagon, but not really" was with almonds and raisins. Still had about 1400 cal. that day.

I'm post gastric bypass surgery, so very cautious about protein. Took one unflavored(ugh) shake yesterday for insurance.

Have to plan better next week to get in more protein. Hard, because I can't eat much at one time. And I work in a hospital, so getting time for breaks/ lunch sometimes is a little difficult.

I STILL can't believe I've gone ONE WHOLE WEEK without stepping on the scale. And have stayed on track with food. I don't think I really thought I could do it.

Looking forward to week 2!

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