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Whole30 log


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Day 1 of my second whole30...

I've startedy second whole30 a dozen times and always mess up after a week so I'm going to try to keep a log this time to keep myself accountable... The problem with this is that I'm terrible at updating logs! So that in itself will be quite an accomplishment for me. :-)

Anyway... On to the meals

M1: leftover ground pork with cabbage and some home made mayo topped with 2 fried eggs (because breakfast = eggs in my mind) :-)

M2: packed leftover ham (no sugar added from us wellness meats) with salad that includes avocado and olive oil/balsamic vinegar

M3: there's a brisket in the crockpot with lots of mushrooms and carrots and I'll probably roast some cauliflower and potatoes to go with it

I also have some compliant epic bars at work for emergency snacking because there is usually a good 6-7 hours between lunch and dinner and I try to avoid getting hangry. :-)

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Day 2!


M1: Cabbage with ground pork and home made mayo with 2 scrambled eggs


M2: Leftover rogan josh lamb (used coconut milk instead of yogurt) with roasted broccoli and some potatoes


M3: Will most likely be leftover brisket with veggies and maybe some guac?

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ok, so writing my food every day clearly has a big check mark next to "fail" because at this point I can't even remember what I ate on day 3 to write down... BUT I have been whole30 compliant the whole time so I'm still here! :)

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