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Completed My 1st Whole30!


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Diana a.k.a Dilyn61

I came into this Whole30 after being on a grain free, gluten free, legume free diet which included some dairy, since June 4th of this year, per the advice of my doctor.  So, a lot of my detox symptoms weren’t as strong as they would have been had I entered this plan from the standard American diet. That being said, it was a great way to help me fine tune my new lifestyle, educate myself further, and really let my insides heal from all the damage done by my previous food choices.  Also, I contend with an autoimmune disorder called Relapsing Polychondritis (RP), are rare disease that attacks your cartilage and keeps inflammation up in the body.  Also have a myriad of other health issues, including but not limited to diverticulitis, arthritis, rapid heart rate (SVT) ect.  So, really this healthier diet is not so much just for weight loss, which it is working that out for me as well, but just to be able to feel better and function better in my day to day life.
Week 1, My first week or so on this plan really opened my eyes to all the additives and junk that is put into our food by the mfg. Some of you saw my tirade on facebook about canned tuna and the difficulty of finding it without soy! Don’t get me started on that one again!  But it seems that soy, sugar, wheat, gluten, corn syrup are mandatory ingredients on just about EVERY prepackaged processed food.  I had originally planned to swear off any restaurant food until after my Whole30, but that was really unrealistic  with my family. And really, I needed to learn how to go into a restaurant and ask the hard questions, like what kind of oil do you use to prepare my food with, and is there any soy in such and such? And then see the waitress look at you with that deer in the headlights look and then run to ask the chef.  I am a really low key type personality and hate to make a fuss, so this is a learning experience for me!  
Week 2, I was feeling pretty good, noticed that I hadn’t had a headaches or migraines in weeks. My family even commented on this, as it had been a pretty frequent occurrence.  My skin tones evened out some and I didn’t look as blotchy or ruddy as before. Also, my hair started to grow much quicker as well.  I attribute these skin and hair changes to eating much healthier fats, like coconut oil, olive oil and avocado.  I was sleeping better and keeping up with my exercise bike about 5 days a week.
Week 3, seemed like I hit a brick wall! My energy levels took a dip. I got so very tired and sleepy about 2:30 pm every day.  My RP started to flare, with sore ear cartilage, joint pain again, and the familiar fatigue.  I was, to say the least, a bit discouraged. I had probably, unrealistic hopes that this diet would be the magic bullet to put RP to rest, but my doctor informed me, not so. Though, I have made great strides and it is, and will, most definitely help me to manage the symptoms and damage that this disease can cause.  So, I stuck to my guns, and my Whole30 commitment, and trudged on, a little slower, but still headed in the direction of wellness.
Week 4, the RP flare did not get any worse and the fatigue has started to lift, even without any changes to my meds.  I took another go at the exercise bike and was still able to do my 7 miles in 30 min, which is good for me. So, I was glad to see that I hadn’t lost much of my hard earned stamina!  Now that my official Whole30 has ended, I am contemplating my next step. I am still on Prednisone for the RP, which typically causes weight gain and makes it extremely difficult to lose weight while on it. But I have found that my body is still able to lose weight on this plan even while on this dreaded steroid!  With my autoimmune disorder, I am probably going to stick pretty close to the Whole30 guidelines.  I May consider trying the Whole30 Autoimmune protocol in January, but that requires giving up eggs, and nightshades, ie tomatoes, onions, peppers, ect.  Not sure if I am ready for that just yet! We will see in January!  So, for the month of August on the Whole30, I lost 11 lbs and 6.5 inches (in various places) from my body!  I am calling this Whole30 a success!

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