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Starting round 2 on 21/9, anyone?


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I completed a whole30 early this year and was in superb shape but somehow let it slipped and bad habits caught me up.  I have tried many times to do the whole 30 again but always failed after a few days (bummer, I thought round 2 would be easier but it has proved to be harder :-(  


I reckon I need more support and maybe a buddy to do this together online, we can keep each other motivated and in check and succeed the whole30!

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Sounds super Musicmw!  Shall we share meal plans and make sure we stick to it?


My Day 1 meal plan:


Breakfast: boiled egg + avocado broccoli salad + coconut milk kefir

Lunch: Grilled dorado fillet + romaine & beetroot salad with tahini + green tea

Dinner: Sesame Tuna + daikon/carrot salad + chamomile tea


I really want to break the habit of mindless snacking between meals!

Happy Shopping!

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