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Started 9/24/14, Excited!!


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Reasons I've started the whole 30 (as of yesterday)

  • I'm having auto-immune symptoms (lupus type flares, bone aches, arthritic, Reynaud's syndrome)
  • I'm turning 40 in a month and want to be in top shape!
  • I'm addicted to carbs. Even paleo, gluten free, almond flour type baked goods. 
  • I want to eat all the time.
  • I'm 160 pounds and want to be 140. (I'm 5'7")
  • I've followed Atkins and Paleo and always feel good when I'm very dedicated to those plans. This just takes it a step farther
  • I want to lead by example for my family and eat a more non-processed whole foods diet long-term.

I'm so thankful so many of the tips, grocery lists, forums, recipes, etc. are free. Thanks to the Whole30 team for that!


Here's to feeling, looking and just BEING, better!


Heidi :) 

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