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started for the first time on 09/23


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Michael here,  51 years old in San Francisco and started my first Whole30!  A nutritionist told me about this program about a month ago and I said to myself there is no way I could do this.  It was suggested to me that I do a modified version so I ordered all the books and started researching the program.  The more I read I was convinced the only way to do this was to follow the rules 100%.  So here I am four days into the program and feeling great so far.....I know I will finish in 30 days - not a single doubt -  and I know I will feel great!  I have never been so excited about a program and have been on many of them and I am tired of the ups and downs and the lack of self esteem and confidence.  I know in my mind and heart this will make a difference!

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