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October 3rd ... its a magic number.


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Hello Whole30 Friends!


Today is day one... of what I hope is not just a 30 day event but a long lasting, healthy lifestyle change that I can embrace whole heartedly!


My hubby and I have been struggling a lot the last 2 years... to sum it up in the simplest form:


1. Loss of Income.

2. Loss of home (foreclosure).

3. I slipped into a BAD depression.

4. Self hate and doubt took over.

5. Became addicted to nasty food.

6. Gained... 180 lbs.... yes... 180.

7. Became Pre-Diabetic.

8. Developed multiple other health problems.



The Now:

I am happy to say that our income is solid! 

Got a spiffy apartment for us!

Love is abundant, learning to accept and forgive myself was key!

All I really need in my life... is good health.


So here I am kicking the addiction and finishing the last puzzle piece to my awesome jigsaw of a life.



If anyone needs support or a friend to talk to, don't hesitate to talk to me!


Thanks for reading.

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