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Committing to my Whole30 - Oct. 5- Nov. 3


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Hi Everyone - My name is Lauren and I am committing to the Whole30 program (with an Autoimmune Protocol twist) starting Sunday, October 5th.


I am currently a grad student in NY and have followed Paleo for the past few years with some periods where I was not very strict. Found with the stress of school and living in a different country (I'm Canadian) away from friends and family, the sugar cravings and treats have started to creep up. So, I am committing to cleaning up my diet, healing my gut, and kicking my sugar cravings to the curb!


I love to cook, so I am looking at this as an opportunity for me to have some fun eating good wholesome food!


In preparation to begin this, I cleared out all the food that I am choosing not to eat for the duration of the program and meal planned my first week of food. Here is what my meals will look like for the first week, it's a little repetitive because I am cooking for just me.


- Opti-Cleanse GHI Shake mix (prescribed by my functional medicine doctor for liver cleanse and metabolic health) mixed with water. Blueberries on the side.

- Sage Bison Burgers with Balsamic, Bacon, and Apple Chutney and Butternut Squash Puree and sautéed spinach.

- Snack: cut up apples & carrots when I need a quick bite

- Chicken with roasted parsnip and carrots

- Will make homemade bone broth with the bones from the chicken to make one of my favourite soups, Rustic Pumpkin and Bacon Soup!


Stay tuned for pictures!

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