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Time to start again... and do it properly!!


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So yesterday was Day10 of my W30 and everything was going well.  I was feeling lighter, sleeping well, stomach was flatter... all good things.  Yes, there were challenges... I did 190km bike ride and survived, I had cravings and rode the wave, I had serious grain desires and abated them.  However, yesterday I tested my resolve a step to far... I tried to see if I could bake a cake and not eat it!


This is not my first attempt at the W30.  I first came across it in January where it proved invaluable in getting me back to shape after having a baby.  However, I have never made it to 30 days... I think the closest I got was about 25.  In the end, life just seems to get in the way. So, this time, I think I will actually follow the rules properly, set some goals and make myself known on the forum.  I will have some accountability.


As for the hazelnut meringue cake I baked for my husband yesterday... it's been sent to work with him!




p.s. Aside from the disappointment, I have a massive sugar hangover today.  Head feels foggy and I generally don't feel as top of the pops as I have done recently... so anyone else about to fall of the waggon... DON'T! It's just not worth it.

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Hi Eleanor!  


How are you TODAY?  I'm on Day 8 and starting to get the hang of it.  I thought I would feel the NEED to eat lots of gluten and crap, but after the 4th day I started to crave healthy foods...WEIRD!  I have thought about jumping ship a few times, but SUPER glad I haven't!!!!!!!!!!!


Congrats on DAY 10!!!!!  That is AMAZING!!!   Plus you are riding your bike!  I am still recovering from toe survey in August and took my first walk yesterday.  It felt SO good and it help me sleep like a BABY.  But my silly toe is swollen and throbbing!  Silly what a busted up toe will do to ya!  


Hope your next few days are BETTER and that sugar hangover is DONE!  YOU can DO it!!


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Hi Cyndi,

With our wedding anniversary coming up and plans to go out for a posh dinner, I decided to hold off my restart until tomorrow (Monday 20th). I can't wait as my body feels dreadful! I've been on a complete blow out with posh dinner and booze. My son has also had a bad cold this week so I haven't been able to do much exercise. Tomorrow I press the reset button and it's going to be awesome. The best news is that I've even managed to persuade my husband to do it with me.

How are you getting on? You must be a third of the way through? Amazing work! Xx

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