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Starting October 19th!


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Hi!  I've been trying this off and on since the beginning of 2014 but starting October 19th I'm really going to commit myself to do this.  My biggest challenge is my boyfriend and my co-worker.  My boyfriend is actually kinda awesome, he's all for me doing it and doing anything he can to help, except actually doing it himself. He's not much of a vegetable or health food person so this is going to be challenging.  I may be worrying about this a little too much so we will see.  My co-worker is that wonderful person who walks in the AM saying she's fat and is going to start dieting RIGHT NOW and then begging me to go to lunch with her three hours later.  NO NO NO. She insists she's incapable of doing Whole 30 and that I myself am incapable of doing this.  So in a week it's my turn to show her I am capable.  :D

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