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Started today, October 15, 2014


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Hi All,


I'm going through my Day 1 email and it gave the link to this forum. I've decided to do my due diligence and click on every link and read every word.


The reason why I am doing this is that my Facebook friend posted earlier this week about the book and said she was starting it herself.  Me, loving a challenge and hating my current body, decided to jump in with her.  I have read many similar books and agree with the science - I just never had anyone to participate with! <---(not supposed to end sentences with prepositions)


The challenges I face are as such---


(1) I used to be in GREAT shape....I'm a has-been. I was an athlete growing up and I was also in the military. Now I am 41, have birthed 4 children, and haven't exercised in FOREVER.


(2) I'm fairly fit "looking"....I am currently at my highest weight...122 pounds. I know...I know...boo-hoo, right?  If it helps, I am also VERY short. In the past it literally only took me 2-3 weeks to get my body back...so I never worried much about it.  Then my twenties slipped by....and I still put it off because...well....look at the tag on my jeans!...and besides...I wasn't "fat"...just smushy.  Then my thirties slipped by and here I am...a complete light-weight marshmallow!!  Seriously.  I have rolls.  My thighs definitely touch and have no desire to divorce one another. I can "pinch an inch" and then some.  And guess what?  Surprise...surprise...2-3 weeks isn't going to cut it now. I get breathless when I TALK ON THE PHONE!! (sigh)


(3) My teenage daughter is a vegetarian and my two teenage sons are not.  This makes meal prep difficult. My daughter is interested in doing this with me...sans meat. I'm not sure how to best move forward with her on this....and I won't lie...I am scared to take away the breads and dairy from the boys.  They are already ticked that meatless meals are becoming more and more common.  (Though to be fair...we have a freezer full of beef that they are allowed to grill for themselves at any time.)


(4) Timing. I wake at 5:30 AM every morning and literally throw on clothes and get in the car to get my daughter to swim practice by 6AM. Then I drive straight to work.  So breakfasts....for both of us....has me stumped. I work full-time, am single, and am also taking full class loads to earn my first degree....I can't afford less sleep.


(5) Health-wise----I have horrible acne...slight dandruff....constant back and joint pain. Apparently I have a couple cysts on my kidneys and liver, I'm prediabetic, and my cholesterol is high.  (See? Us size 4 chicks are all smoke and mirrors and sometimes we need support and a good butt-kicking as much as anyone else!!)


So I am happy to be here....happy my friend is out there being a good girl and doing well a day ahead of me....happy to meet you guys...and excited that in a few weeks...maybe...just maybe I will have more energy to live my life and ENJOY it...and possibly...maybe I will get my groove back.  :)



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Hey Gina, 


I am started yestereday (15th) too!  This is my second time doing the program and was amazed with round 1, then I fell off the wagon and feel like crap again, so now the process starts all over!  So far I am feeling the bad effects of coffee withdrawl, I only like it with cream and sugar so going black was not an option and I would rather not be addicted to something.  Today is dragging on for sure!  How are you holding up?



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