Started October 15th - Round 2


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Hi all, 


Well this is my second Whole 30!  I am still amazed I did the first one, it was not easy, I am not gonna lie.  I am a junk food addict and emitional eater and very addicted to coffee (that started after my last Whole 30),  I thought during my first W30 that I got a grib on my eating habits and didnt want to eat junk any more, but as soon as day 31 hit I have been going bananas ever since.  I  lost 15lbs during that month and only have gained back 2 but I can feel myself getting sucked back into eating whatever I wanted.  I can really tell the difference mentally and physically now and then, I had a clear head, felt great, slept like a rock and now although I sleep great, I am tired at 8pm, always have a haze and generally feel ick.   So back I come, ready for round 2!  I would love to share this month with someone if you have started around the same time and want a buddy :)


Take care,


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Hi Jessica, I started October 15th so I am on day 7.  The first few days were tough but it seems to be getting a little easier.  My energy seems to be kicked up a notch.   I too was an emotional eater, ate when bored and addicted to all sugary junk foods.  I am hoping at the end of this, it all pays off and I stick to what I learned on Whole30.  I read many people go back to their old bad habits and I am so afraid of that happening.  good luck to you talk soon:)

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