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super excited to be starting this challenge 21/10 :)


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hey everyone,


I am committing to start the whole30 tomorrow the 21st

And to be accountable of myself I have made it a little goal to record on here daily how my day is going, kinda like a diary entry, if ppl read it then great, if not that's fine too, I just want to do it hoping it will help me stay on track.


so why am I doing the whole30? the reason being is that I have struggled with bulimia and binge eating for quite some time now. it is not a nice thing to have and I feel trapped by the horrible demons in my head.  it all started back when I was with my mean violent and abusive ex, he was not a nice person and with my life spiralling out of my control I turned to food for comfort, food became my friend. fast forward to the present and I now have an amazing husband to be and a 13mth old daughter, my life couldn't be more perfect, or wait, yes it could....if only I could shift this horrible binge eating habit then my life would be perfect!!!! I have tried everything to stop binge eating but nothing seems to have worked, this bad habit is just wired deep into my brain and so long after its need for comfort has left, it has stayed haunting me. I have no need to binge anymore, I couldn't be happier with my life so its time for it to be thrown into the bin :) I am hoping that the whole30 will be like a food reset and will help, I already do eat quite clean but have a big sweet tooth and tend to binge on sugary foods and breads/oats/rice....all the foods that are not allowed in the whole 30...I have hesitated doing this as I am scared that this strict approach will send me into a bingeing frenzy but I have tried everything else, everything in moderation, cheat days, counselling, hypnotherapy, intuitive eating, mindful eating, they all haven't worked, so this is my next bet and I am praying that it will help me.


I am not only doing this to free myself but more importantly I am doing this for my daughter, I more then anything want to be a positive, healthy role model for her, I want her to look up to me and be proud of me but she cannot do this when I am not even proud of myself! I don't want her to grow up with a mum with eating issues and I don't want these to be passed to her, so it is my duty to kiss this habit in the butt and be gone with it for good.


thanks to anyone who took the time to read, and I am very excited to be staring this challenge tomorrow :)


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