Started my first Whole30 yesterday, 10/19


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Hi everyone.


I am posting for accountability and support.


So far, so good. I ate Whole30 last week with the exception of two work meals so feeling pretty good. I did not binge, but did have pasta for dinner the evening before. 


I am doing this to reset my relationship with carbs, to start listening to my body more so I don't over eat, and to slay my snacking demon.


Excited and nervous, but mostly excited.



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Thanks, Peachy!


So far, the eating has been good. I have been cooking up a storm and not feeling deprived with everything except snacks. I didn't realize how much I am addicted to snacking at night after dinner. It has been hard to stop. I had some protein and fruit and a lot of water, but it was honestly hard.


I have had a horrible headache for days now. Think it is a combo of allergies and a hangover from food or diet coke. I really miss the sugar in my coffee in the morning and my half and half. I know I am not alone there, but it is only 30 days, right?

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I just started on Monday Oct 20th and it's been up and downs for me. I have been more tired than i normally care for and i am trying to figure out what other carbs besides Sweet Potato i can eat. I don't mind all squash but i am the only one in my house doing it, so i don't want to make too much and then throw most of it out cause i would get sick of eating the same thing everyday.

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