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Only day 7 ... NO MIGRAINES so far


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One of the reasons I started the Whole30 was to see if this approached helped identify one or more of my migraine triggers. I've had hormone-related migraines since I was 18, but in the last 3-5 years, especially as I've also dealt with perimenopause and a host of other medical conditions (most notably, Lyme Disease), my migraines have steadily increased in frequency. At their worst, I get headaches 15-20 days/month -- or, on average, one headache every 1.5-2 days! I tried several preventative medications and even tried Botox. They reduced the headache frequency, but came with nasty side effects. I eliminated gluten about 18 months ago, but it didn't solve the problem. I already ate pretty healthy, with lots of fruits and veggies in my diet -- and I don't have much of a sweet tooth (although I love my carbs). 


I know I'm not out of the woods yet, but I love the fact that I haven't had a single headache since I began this journey one week ago. I saw from other forum entries that I needed to make sure I had plenty of starchy/carb-rich veggies (enter lots of yummy yams, sweet potatoes, carrots, and potatoes), so thanks for that advanced tip. 


I doubt  my headaches are gone for good, but it's certainly exciting to think that something in my diet was making them worse. And if we can figure out what those "things" are during the reintroduction period, I am cautiously optimistic that my days of always having icepacks strapped to my head while I cook the kids' dinner are over. 


foer other migraine sufferers who found improvement through whole30, I'm curious what foods you identified as culprits that you didn't know of already. 


Fingers crossed that the healing continues. 


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