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Santa Monica Whole 30


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I dove in headfirst 8 days ago when someone told me about the program. I was feeling miserably out of control of my health: lots of allergies (fairly new in my life), digestive unrest, constant headaches, and worst of all...low energy, mental fogginess, and a cognitive dullness that just kept getting worse. With a very active career, it was terrifying, and I felt that this just could not continue to be my life. I always knew an intense level of attention to what I was eating was somehow critical, but just couldn't seem to do it without a support system. My diet was already reasonably good...but I just couldn't figure out what the problem foods were. 


I went through the website and immediately had a sense that I could do Whole 30, that this was the way, that rebooting my system was going to be very enlightening.


The first 2 days were actually a fun challenge and actually, remarkably dreamy and great, maybe just because I was finally taking real and focused action in the context of something larger than me going it alone, with no support. Then the next 3 days I felt pretty bad. Perhaps I was detoxing, not sure. Gratefully, doing Whole 30 was not proving hard. I wasn't having any cravings. Everything was making sense. I just felt very low energy and crummy. It was really helpful that the daily emails prepped me for that. 


Then Day 6 it started to shift and each day I feel a bit better. Glimpses of clarity. And of a lightness. 


Yesterday, Day 7, we had a house guest and dinner got complicated and I just laid out tons of food from the fridge and pantry on the table. I never ate anything outside the diet, but my amounts were off, too many nuts and fruit, and it really didn't feel good. Went to bed without a real dinner and today, Day 8, woke up hungry. What a great feeling! And I had tons of energy and good humor, did the kind of morning exercise I haven't done in ages. Literally ages. So exciting. 


So now I'm up to date on this log. I've been particularly vigilant today. I am looking forward to dinner, going to bed at a reasonable hour, and besting daylight savings time this coming weekend by moving my wake-ups earlier this week. I intend to get more sunshine out of every day as the sun sets earlier and I tend to be a nighthawk.


Tomorrow I hope to do my Day 7 Food for Thought Worksheet. The daily emails are brilliant. They actually make this fun. And at the end of the day I love clicking that I made it through!





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