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Charleston, SC


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I'm in Charleston for the next 3 days and it will definitely take a lot of focus and intentionality for me to stay compliant. Thankfully I followed some of the suggestions on here and packed a cooler full of food. I think I will be fine for breakfast and dinner but lunch has me concerned as I'm sure I won't be at my hotel for lunch and most of what I bought needs to stay cold. I have some nuts, bananas and larabars for emergencies but those do not a satisfying meal make. I will ask lots of questions and if necessary just stick with a salad prob is I have salad for dinner as that was easiest thing I could think to pack. Also I haven't cracked my addiction to sugar as of yet (day 16; didn't realize how much I relied on sweets especially when having a bad day) and there is frozen yogurt everywhere around not to mention a Starbucks in the hotel lobby! Anyhoo I'm determined to stay clean but welcome any recommendations from any who are familiar with what Charleston has to offer by way of clean food options. Thanks!

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