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Stories of unsupportive people and struggles - vent here!


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This morning started out great, I make an omelette and I had left over sausage for breakfast - it looked and smelled great.  I went to have a shower and I was going to bring my breakfast to work.  When I came out, the container was empty on the floor and my dog was on his bed looking satisfied but guilty.  I almost panicked but then just made a new breakfast and it was great.


Then, at work...

Not only did someone bring in cupcakes, but I was asked 3 times if I wanted some and then someone at one in front of me going mmmm mmmmmmm mmmm this are so good.  So unfortunately I apparently work in a not very supportive environment, which is kind of funny seeing I work at a gym.  

Really all this did was PISS ME OFF! and make me want to succeed even more.  F you guys I am going to prove you wrong!


It is only day 2 but I have already been tested a couple times today.  You know what though, if I can get through this, I feel confident I will get through the whole 30 days.


Tell me your struggle stories...use this thread to get it off your chest...trust me it helps.

Things are going to happen to test you - slap that test in the face and show it who's boss.  You are stronger than it is!

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