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Whole30 - Thanks for giving me my life back!


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I finished my first Whole30 yesterday and I feel fantastic!


16 months ago I had a huge wake up call when I was diagnosed with ovarian cancer at age 32. I was fortunate in that I was able to avoid chemotherapy and radiation, and expected that once I recovered from 2 major surgeries, I could just get on with my life and move on. That wasn't the case however and I struggled with severe fatigue for the next year. I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's, but my energy never improved on medication. I worked on improving my sleep. I saw a dietician to help me with my diet and I did manage to slowly lose some weight under her guidance, but my energy levels were still so low that I had to drop my working hours back to part time. No way could I face exercise!


In sheer desperation, after some internet searching, I stumbled across the Whole30, bought It Starts With Food, and never looked back. On Day 3 of the program I woke in the morning and instead of taking 2 hours to drag myself out of bed, I got up and went for a walk. This continued, and I have since joined CrossFit and am loving exercising again.


As well as the improved energy (my primary goal), I have lost 6.5kg and 22cm. My skin is clear and so is my mind! I am still a work in progress but I can finally see myself being able to emerge from this horrible period of my life, and to be able to have a healthy, happier life ahead of me.


I am so grateful for this, thank you Whole30 from the bottom of my heart!  :D

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