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My Whole 30 experience


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Hi everyone,


I almost can't believe I'm typing this, because I have er had :) a huge sweet tooth, but I just finished my first Whole30 today and wanted to share my experience. I'm 5'6" female and weighed 181 lbs, and was a size 10 prior to starting, so I didn't have as much weight to lose as some of the others on here. I however had a serious sugar addiction. Two days before I found Whole 30 and decided to commit, I bought a box of chocolate truffles at Trader Joe;s, and had them finished before I even got home. I was mad at myself for regaining weight I had lost, and just generally I was tired of being tired. I'd go through highs and lows after eating carbs to the point of where I'd almost fall asleep at work, even though I had slept for 8 hrs+.


I will admit (and hope I don't make anyone mad by saying this) that I modified it a bit for myself. I get low blood sugar very easily, like to workout, and alot of fats/oils above a certain amount make me sick (I suspect gallbladder, since it runs in my family but haven't actually been diagnosed with it).  I did not have any grains, dairy, alcohol, or sweets the entire time. I also did my best to eliminate things that have added sugar (which is so much harder than I thought, because sugar seems to be in EVERYTHING). The first week I felt like crap and had no energy, so I added more fruit and added back snacks (I'd try to have some plain nuts with my fruit, so I wasn't getting all sugar). Once or twice, I also had a coke zero and my afternoon peppermint tea with a packet of splenda in it. I figured doing that was way better than giving it up altogether.


Halloween was pretty hard (both my work and my friends had parties), but after that I was pretty surprised at how easy it was to resist temptation, especially sweets. It got to the point where if people brought bagels or sweets to the office, the smell of them would make me sick to my stomach a bit. And meanwhile, I'd have some blueberries or raspberries, and they'd taste sweet like candy. I weighed myself at the halfway point and today, and am really happy because I lost 10 lbs. My 10's are definitely bigger than they were before I started (especially in my waist) and I just bought a size 8 dress this weekend, which was awesome. :) I regret that I didn't take before or after measurements nor pictures. 


I may at some point do another Whole30 for real, but I'm very impressed with it. I've never lost weight this quickly in my life, but the weight loss is almost a bonus in comparison to how great I feel now. Good luck to everyone trying it, and I just want to encourage you because it's definitely worth it!

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