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Next Up - Misty's Post Whole30 Log


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Today is day 29 of my first Whole30...  Which means that tomorrow is the last day!


So, in addition to planning how I'm going to reintroduce some foods over the next week (before Thanksgiving), I'm trying to focus on what's happened over the last month and create goals for the near-future.


Tonight I am thinking about all the things that have been better in my life since eliminating the junk from my diet.  Part of that is remembering why I decided to do this in the first place.


In early October, a year after I first had issues with it, I developed vertigo symptoms.  I missed a few days of work and generally felt awful.  Headaches, dizziness, trouble focusing, nausea.  I had to take anti-vert a few days and then re-started daily Claritin.  But, I was still barely getting through the days.  Some lunch breaks involved me going out to the car and covering my eyes for awhile, just to be able to make it through the afternoon.


So, what's changed since starting the Whole30?  Here's what I've come up with so far:

- My seasonal allergies have become almost non-existent.  (I am still taking Claritin every day)

- Related to my allergies, my vertigo symptoms have disappeared.  I experienced slight issues one day in the first week, but nothing since.

- My feet don't hurt.  I had gotten used to pain every morning when I got out of bed.  Now, I don't feel anything when I get up from sleep or from sitting at my desk for awhile.

- I feel less swollen in my feet and hands.  Some of my shoes are actually kind of loose/big on me now and my wedding rings are definitely moving around a lot more.

- I haven't felt bloated or gassy.  I hadn't really noticed this one till I indulged in a bottle of Kombucha over the weekend.  While I don't think there was anything non-compliant in there, it really didn't agree with me.  That made me realize that I hadn't felt that way in awhile.

- My moods are more even.

- I feel better about myself in general.  I've found myself putting a bit more effort in getting dressed, doing my hair and putting on make-up more often.  I want to reflect what I'm feeling on the inside to everyone.

- I remembered how much I enjoy cooking and challenging myself in the kitchen.

- I'm falling asleep faster/easier.  Unfortunately, I haven't been "sleeping like a rock" like I was expecting.  But, every little improvement in sleeping makes me happier.

- I'm really proud of myself.  I'd developed a recent habit of starting things (namely diets) and not finishing them.  I've proven to myself that I'm not lacking in willpower, I just needed to find something that made sense to me.


It's amazing how much can change in such a short period of time.


My goal for tomorrow: make a list of the things I've learned throughout the 30 days.

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DAY 30!!!


Wow.  I can't believe it's already the end...  And, yes, I've decided to end it after 30 because Thanksgiving is right around the corner and I want to be ready to make wise decisions about what I eat.


So, time to reflect on what I've learned over the last 30 days...

- Bacon has sugar added.  Most tuna has soy.  What?!?  Why?  There are so many added ingredients in so many things on the grocery shelves.  I will definitely be more aware of what is in the food I'm putting my body.

- I don't need sugar in my coffee.  I was only 1/4 to 1/2 a teaspoon kind of gal (with a large dollop of cream), but still, I didn't think I could go without.

- Related to the coffee in the beginning, and a lot more meals as the month went on, coconut milk is the stuff of life!  This ingredient became my go to for anything I used to use greek yogurt for.  Want a creamy dressing for a cabbage slaw?  Throw in a couple teaspoons of CM.  Curries, Thai or Indian, it's an awesome addition.  I will make sure to always have a couple cans in my pantry in the future.

- I need a lot fewer snacks when I eat a balanced meal.

- I don't miss crappy chocolate.  Even when we had a huge bowl of leftover Halloween candy in our living room for a week, I didn't feel all that tempted.  Now, I am sort of dreaming of a good square of super dark chocolate, but I should be able to pass up the other stuff more often.

- Making a big bunch of meat is a life saver when the week gets busy.  Barbacoa, carnitas and plain grilled chicken breast can be turned into a great meal in no time.

- Eggs every day is better in theory than reality...  Sausage, sweet potato and onion hash makes an amazing breakfast.

- I miss very few foods individually.  What I miss more is being able to eat out.  I am going to appreciate meals at restaurants (sparingly) from now on. 

- When I'm not counting calories or points or anything else, I don't become obsessed with food.  On other eating programs/diets, I would have food planned out hours (or days) in advance and would be counting down the time till I could have more.  Focusing on eating quality food was a way different experience. 


I'm sure there is more.  It's been a month full of insights.  I'm sure I'll continue to learn as I reintroduce different food groups and work on finding a balanced way of eating that works for me every day.


My goals for tomorrow:

1. Reintroduce either dairy or wheat  (my niece's birthday is on Saturday and I will be eating pizza...  I'd like to narrow down the food I can blame if I have any issues afterwards).

2. Weigh myself.

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OK.  Day 31.


First goal, reintroduce wheat...  Breakfast consisted of an egg and steak breakfast burrito on a wheat tortilla wrapper.  I don't have plans for lunch or dinner yet, but I know there will be a celebration beer tonight!


Second goal, weigh myself.  Over the 30 days, I lost 8 lbs!  While this isn't a super dramatic number (and may not seem to deserve an exclamation mark), I'm very happy.  I did not starve myself, I didn't count anything, I didn't stress about food (too much) over the last month.  Also, I didn't really exercise that much.  I started with my normal average 1 mile walk a day with my puppy...  But, as it's gotten colder, we've switched to indoor games of fetch.  She's still getting exericise; me, not so much.  So, losing that much weight under that set of circumstances gives me hope.  If I stick to this way of eating (most of the time) and start up my winter exercise routine (treadmill, elliptical and kinect), I think I can continue slimming down.


Overall, I feel amazing this morning.  Time will tell if the reintroduction of wheat leaves me feeling that way.

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Yesterday was rough.  I'm not sure if it was a reaction to the wheat I had for breakfast or something else...  But, I had a horrible headache for most of the day and had an eye floater around 11 a.m.  I hadn't had this issue since the first week of my Whole30; so I was irritated by it a bit.  I'm still not 100% sold on the idea that it was gluten related.  In denial?  Perhaps.


Today, I was back on plan until dinner.  I had reintroduced wheat and dairy last night, so I repeated again.  I'm feeling pretty good right now.


Tomorrow, I'll probably stick to plan for the first part of the day and have pizza for dinner at my niece's party.


So, wheat and dairy being done (but maybe not 100% decided on), I have to figure out legumes and non-wheat grains.  I might try rice, corn or quinoa on Sunday and save peanuts and soy for Tuesday.  I don't feel like I'm going to have issues with any of them, but who knows.


Goals for tomorrow: 

- Enjoy myself at my morning facial and at my niece's birthday party.

- Take the puppy for a nice long walk (since it's going to be above 40 degrees!)

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