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Whole30 = AWESOME!!


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I'm on Day 31. Everything started to come together in the last few days and I feel awesome. I don't want it to end!

Before writing this, I went back to my first post to remind myself of my goals (it really does help to record them) and I'm pleased to report that I achieved them all and so much more. This wasn't my first W30, but it was the first I finished and the first I did so properly.

My goals were:

1) Curb the sugar dragon: done! I never managed to do this previously as I relied too heavily on fruit. This time I didn't and by the end I have hardly craved sweet stuff at all. I'm not even tempted to bake paleo cakes and whenever I see a recipe with honey or something in it, I'm instantly put off making it. It will be interesting to see how long this lasts. I've learned that fat played a huge part in this - the more I made sure my meal had a proper serving of fat, the less cravings I had later.

2) lose weight: I lost 5 lb which I'm pleased about. Not only that, I look leaner which is so much more meaningful to me.

3) sleep and feel better: tick!

4) improve athletic performance: I think this one was a bit far fetching and an ongoing process :)

5) make it to Day 30!! Hurray!

As mentioned, I have gained so much more. I sleep soundly and wake easily. I've always been a 'morning person' but have found my energy levels the same all day. My concentration is better. I'm less bloated, less constipated, my skin is glowing, I'm leaner. I snack less and generally just have 3 meals a day. I haven't missed band foods, but have missed experiences such as buying a frothy milky coffee. Boredom is a massive trigger for me. Finally, I've learnt that I can't have a lot of nuts.

Wow! All of that in 30 days. Amazing.

I'm going to do my reintroductions as I'm curious how different foods affect me, and it will be interesting to see how I navigate the Christmas festive period, so I'll probably be back in January for more :)

I wanted to say thank you to the moderators and everyone else on the forum for all the support and advice. I've learnt so much from you all and you have really helped me succeed. Xx

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Congrats,  I am half way through my second whole30 and know that for me it is nothing I would ever want to give up.  I am amazed how my attitude has changed about food.  Tomorrow is Thanksgiving and typically I would think, "It's Thanksgiving!"  I will eat like normal and enjoy all the stuff I usually can't eat.  It occurred to me I am looking forward to eating tomorrow.  But not for all the junk or non-foods that I normally would eat like stuffing and pumpkin pie, rolls and jello.  My priorities have changed now and roasted asparagus, a baked sweet potato and turkey with some berries and coconut cream for dessert are so good why would I want to risk feeling bad and getting sick?  It is amazing the longer you do eat well, the less you want to settle for lesser quality.  Happy Holidays to everyone and to your health!

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