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Utah K's Whole 30 Log


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I started on 11/20/14, after completing the book (including the "scienc-y" stuff).  I was happy to get to the end and just "do it"! Here are my summaries from the first two days:


Day 1:  

Breakfast - eggs, tomatoes, 2 cups of black coffee

Lunch - Fire grilled chicken and salad (from local restaurant) followed by apple

Dinner - Chicken adobo, spinach, zucchini, tomatoes


Day 2:  

Breakfast - Missed!  got up late and had to rush for meeting.  2 cups of coffee got me through, with an apple late morning

Lunch - back on track with a pork roast, roasted brussels sprouts, and kale salad

Dinner - Salad, Ahi tuna with Miso, sautéed veggies


Here's what is amazing:  after only 2 days my blood pressure was significantly lower (like by 15-20 points) in the morning.  If only 2 days do this, can't wait to see how it goest the rest of the time!

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Day 3:

Breakfast - eggs, spinach, coffee

Lunch - chicken adobo, zucchini, tomatoes, banana

Dinner - pork roast, baked potato, broccoli, mustard


Day 4:

Breakfast - 3 eggs & asparagus omelette, black coffee, banana (after workout)

Lunch - chicken adobo, zucchini, tomato, banana

Dinner - steak, 1/2 baked potato, broccoli

Snack - 1 date, 10 almonds

activity:  spinning 1 hr, meditation workshop


I drank lots of roibus vanilla tea over the past two days.  I've also returned to greater activity.

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Day 5:

Breakfast - 3 egg omelette, asparagus, coffee

Post workout - banana

Lunch - pork roast, sauerkraut, mustard

Dinner - steak, pea pods, green beans, water chestnuts, 1/2 baked potato, clarified butter

Snack - 7 almonds, 1 date


I went to Weight Watchers and was weighed in (they have rules, too!). Already down 2.5 lbs.  I've been drinking lots of water and tea, and feel no need to snack. Habits of tasting while cooking, however, creep in occasionally.

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