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Starting December 2nd!!


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Hi everyone!


My name is Tayler Sykes and if I'm gonna be real here I was suppose to start today, December 1st. However as I awoke and prepared my usual cup of coffee I also added vanilla almond milk in it and about half way through my groggy first cup of coffee of the day I remembered NO SUGAR! Blew that start right out of the water! Anyways I will be starting bright and early tomorrow morning with Black coffee! I'm super excited to do my first Whole 30 challenge and the positive results that I hope to see from it! I am a "crossfitter", and I am the cliche super addict type! I love that stuff! I have just started to compete and I am really trying to get serious about it, so with that I wanna be in tip top shape, and have as much energy as possible, not to mention I'd love to lose some pesky body fat.

Soooo Decemeber 2nd (tomorrow) Its on !! WOOO WHOLE 30! :D

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