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Starting right now!


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Hi everyone,


My name is Kelly.  Today is my first day.  I am currently sipping on my first cup of coffee with no sugar!  I did add some coconut milk to help..its not terrible.........


I just took my weight and measurements and I'm so ready for a change!


I spent yesterday doing some shopping and meal prep. I am working two 14 hour shifts the next two days *not the best time to start* But hey...when is it.  I have breakfast lunch and dinner ready to go!  


I;m dragging my boyfriend Leo along with me.  We have been living together for exactly two years yesterday and we have both put on some weight since we moved in.  We are in a rut!  We eat relatively healthy...or so I thought...... but our portions are waaaaaaay to big and we usually have an alcoholic drink with our dinner.  So that will be a huge change!


The main things I am hoping to gain from this experience:

-Have more energy

-lose weight



I am not working out for the first few days...mainly becuase I am working from 9am to 11pm both days...but after that I will start taking some classes at my gym...they offer insanity trx and lots of others. 


I am so ready for a change...


Good luck to everyone starting with me!






Age 28

Height 5'5

weight 176

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