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3rd Whole30…day 2


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I am an organic farm owner and organic foods chef and consultant.  In 2011 i began a weight loss journey and ended up losing 130 lbs in about 1 1/2 years.  I kept it off too, most of it, until recently.  I have always eaten organic foods and in order to lose the weight i found myself eating a lot of fat free things and i even drank diet soda about 1x week which i have never done in my life.  I knew that even though the weight came off, i had veered off of my path of only eating organic foods and that something had to change.

In Jan of 2014 and again in April I completed 2 successful Whole30 programs.  I attempted 2 more at other times of the year, but wasn't able to complete them.  In those two 30 day periods i realized that it was possible and even easier to be healthy and lose weight by following the Whole30 guidelines…even easier than weighing and counting everything.

But, balance is my struggle and what happens when you are off balance is what 2014 taught me.  when i would end a Whole30 i would be so excited for that glass of wine that i would have a whole bottle and then the next day i would feel so terrible that i would fill myself with carbs to try to restore some state of feeling half decent.  As you can imagine this pattern doesn't lead anywhere great and even though i made really healthy choices for some of the year, when i didn't i went so overboard that i now find myself starting 2015 up 50 lbs from where i was…with another long road ahead to lose the weight and restore my health and fitness.

This year i am resolving to be mindful of balance and how important it is.  I am on day 2 of the Whole30 and my dreams were flooded last night with making a mistake and throwing in the towel…something i have been known to do…I understand now that the Whole30 is very effective for change but only if i maintain balance while not on the strict program.  This year i am going to Whole30 myself until i can confidently take a step away from the strictness and not find myself at the bottom of a bottle of wine.  If that takes 45 or 60 or 90 days well, I guess i will see.  my goal is to take a step away when i am ready and really take note of what the food or drink that i just consumed made me feel like…to really be mindful of what my body is telling me and to follow its lead, not to just overindulge because i can, because the 30 days are over and i did it.  To celebrate the completion of something amazing and powerful and healthy by running as fast as i can into wine/carbs/sugar what ever it is, seems really ridiculous and i am going to try my best to make 2015 the year that i find and maintain and appreciate and enjoy BALANCE...

i am so proud of every one of us that is on this journey.  Please let me know how you are doing and keep in touch!  Here's to a healthy and balanced new year

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