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Getting my life back! Star date 68474.4


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I started the W30 on Jan 2.

Joined this website.

Baked Chicken with roasted veggies.


Shopped for additional compliant foods on Jan 3.

Made clarified butter, prepped veggies

Compliant B-(Fritata with broccoli, mushrooms, onions and 1/2 small pear/L-the other half of the baked chicken and roasted veggies/D-Turkey meatloaf with cilantro, mushrooms, pasture egg, grated carrot and baked acorn squash. 


Starting this log on Day 3, Jan 4.


more to follow:

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Day 3 after some sleep!


Breakfast: Made hash from last nights turkey meatloaf and diced yam with carmelized onions, put a pasture egg on top with a handful of raspberries! yum.


Lunch: Will be egg fritata over sauted kale w/garlic.


Dinner: more turkey meatloaf or baked chicken...I can't decide lol

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Day 4


Self reflections...If I can make this (which I am fully confident) journey through 11 days I will be well on the way to reaching my goal of better health.


First day back at work, which has been actually easy for me to follow if I bring my own food. A disaster if I don't. There is very little available on this small island that is eat out compliant.


We also got news yesterday that our landlord is selling the house we live in....so some added stress there... time to add some meditations and stay open.


Breakfast:  Pasture eggs over sauteed kale and a handful of raspberries.

Lunch: Left over baked acorn squash...yum...microwaved chicken...not so yum will need to bake off more protein items for lunch.

Dinner: Boneless chicken thighs, olive oil, maya onions, carrots baked.


I will fill in the blanks later.

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Day 5


Internal heater working really well.

I know we are not supposed to weigh ourselves everyday, but that method actually works for me.


I started eating better about a week before I started this and lost 7 lbs.  since Friday I've lost another 4...and I am eating a ton of food! with clarified butter and lots o good meat! 


I know I will plateau in a bit but the first week is going well.



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Day 6


Woke up tired and with a slight headache...don't think I drank enough water yesterday. It could also be the medication I am on...


Had baked salmon and steamed spinach last night...very tasty.


This morning not much of an appitite...egg and left over steamed spinach.


Lunch: rest of the second egg + salad.


Dinner....unknown at this point.

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