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My spontaneous Whole30


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I imagine I am the most ill-prepared person starting a whole30, but here I go. We just returned from an epic road trip visiting my college bestie and our last day there was her day 1; I got inspired! If I had read all the books and planned ahead (books now on order, at least), I think I would have a lot of anxiety running up to said start date. I have a lot of catching up to do but did not want to miss the momentum.

August 23rd, Day 1 (sort of)- the morning after we rolled in to town, house a disaster, bags still packed littering every room, house guests still in our home who had needed a place to stay while we were away, both adults back to work, a mini- trip to the food co-op for essentials, toddler freaking out about being home...

M1 and M2 (i forget what got consumed when): two carrots, an avocado, 1 small raw zucchini, 1 raw small tomato, .75 cup almonds. Lots of water!

M3: one beef patty, 1 bratwurst, 1 cucumber (both of the meat options came from an evening event i was working at, i am sure they were not whole30 compliant, i could not get any solid info on what was in what).

I had intended to lift for a few minutes but bedtime with the kiddo went forever and I am fried from being home.

No major complaints, only a small occasional headache. Mostly the food options were disappointing since I was not prepared with actual tasty meals. Today, my formal day one, is off to a much better start!

Real Day 1-

M1: what? zero hunger

M2: I had an early lunch of three eggs scrambled with red onions and fresh kale from the garden, mmm. Lot's of water. The onions tasted rather delightful!

So far, I am exhausted. But so is the rest of my family. I am thankful for a weekend!

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Alright, I am no good at keeping a log so I will end this here. All is going well! Still sorting out additives, what kind of vinegar is okay, how in the world I can afford this, etc. I think that will come together in time. Even if I can not get a pure whole 30 (distilled grain vinegar in my dijon mustard, ok or not?) in, I am already loving the extra thought that is going in to my food and my return to the kitchen.

Thanks all!

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