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My First Whole30. A Journey to Wellness


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Sunday 18th January - The night before...



So it's the night before I begin my first Whole30 (eek).  


My book finally arrived!!!!  This weekend I have mostly been buying and prepping delicious food for the week ahead.  My week is planned and have managed to factor in two 10hr shifts and my birthday!!!  Trying not to think about no cake x


One big thing I have come to realise over the last week is that this is so much more than stressing over the things I can't have and to grasp the opportunity to give myself a whole new start.  Before I found Whole30, I placed too much emphasis on the scales.  But it has become so much more than that for me.  Since I was in A&E with an extreme migraine attack, I have been searching for a way to control them but my efforts were too sporadic and I'm still waking with a dull 'hangover' feeling, having not touched a single drop of alcohol!!  


I am going to do a few additional things daily alongside my journey: boiled water with lemon on waking, a big breakfast that includes protein and greens, no more than 2 coffees a day and to have these before noon and to practice the Pilates 100 daily (to work on my upper arms).


I am committed to use this log to chart my daily progress.  At the end of each log, I am going to make a Productive, Positive, Prep 'to do' list based on how the day went to ensure the next day starts with a plan!  


So here are my starting measurements;


Height:   5'4"

Weight:  10st 7lbs


Left thigh:  56cm

Right thigh:  57cm

Hips:  99cm

Waist:  86cm

Upper Left Arm:  30cm

Upper Right Arm:  28cm

Chest:  99cm


So here's to new beginnings and a new chapter.  This is my journey to wellness.  Join me x 


Until tomorrow...


Kathryn x 







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Day 1:  Under the weather


So it feels like I have decided to do something positive and I was attacked from all angles - all day.  I have a headcold, a raging headache, it's 'that' time of the month, it's freezing outside and I just want to curl up!!!!!  I persisted however and had a good day overall given how I felt.  So glad I had planned ahead!!  My life, it's only day one!


Food Diary


On waking

2 hot cups of water with a slice of lemon

Cup of hot water on its own



2 Poached eggs, steamed broccoli and piece of roast chicken (leftovers from Sunday roast)

Small cup of freshly brewed decaf coffee, black no sugar


Snack at 10am

Piece of roast chicken (leftovers from Sunday roast)

Green apple, quartered



Omelette made with 3 eggs, onion and garlic

Garden salad with bistro leaves, no dressing

Halved cherry tomatoes

Boiled new potatoes

Glass of water with lemon slice 



Small cup of freshly brewed decaf coffee, black no sugar 

Glass of water with lemon slice



Chicken soup

made with roast chicken from Sunday leftovers, bone broth, onion, garlic,

celery, carrots, garlic, new potatoes & broccoli 

Glass of water with lemon slice


Before bed

Cup of tea, no milk no sugar



Food was lovely today.  So full of flavour.  The chicken soup was inspired and just what I needed.  I replaced my usual first coffee of the day with boiled water and lemon and didn't miss the coffee at all.  In fact, whenever I felt that I needed a hot drink, I just had boiled water.  I had three!!!  And all before the children got up.  I took Whole30 advice and had my last cup of coffee before noon.  It was freshly brewed and decaf and in a much smaller cup (I'll take a photograph of what I am using) but I felt awful after I had it.  I thought it may have been down to the fact that I was feeling under the weather and had another mid morning, but I still felt bad.  Maybe this is a trigger for me after-all...


Tomorrow I am back to work.  Hope this headache lifts.  I have had total brain-fog all the live long day...


Positive, Proactive, Prep


  • Make chicken salad for tomorrow's lunch
  • Grilled chicken for mid-morning snack
  • Be ready... uniform ironed tonight and bag sorted (I can be last minute!)

Early night for me people!  Bright-eyed an bushy-tailed in the morning (here's hoping).


Kathryn x 



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Hi.  It's been a few days since I started.  Unfortunately my Grandad has had a heart attack and to say I went off plan between trips to the hospital is an understatement!  He's stable now but being kept in for monitoring.  I am still eating a Paleo diet so I'll be regrouping and I'll post when its the right time for me to get back on track.


Back soon.


Kathryn x 

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