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Eating after the flu making me feel gross


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Looking for some opinions or help....i completed my whole30 at the end of January but decided to make it a whole60 as i didn't quite feel i had reached the point i was accessing all of the benefits whole30 had to offer (i was still waiting for my tiger blood to kick in!).  On day 33 however, i caught a 48hr stomach flu (definitely the flu, one of my kids had it 3 days prior).  So i couldn't eat anything for 48 hrs and since recovering, i'm finding everything 4 days later is still making me nauseous after eating and going straight through me.   


I'm still eating to template (albeit smaller portions since my appetite is still off) but honestly, i just feel like crap whatever i eat!


Any thoughts??

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Consider keeping to the lower end of the template with fats and increasing the amount of starchy carbs until your gut gets back in order.  Definitely add in bone broth daily, either beef or chicken.  Pureed soups (i.e., butternut squash) might be easier to stomach for the time being.


You are doing great by keeping to template with smaller meals.  Just keep leftovers handy as you might need to eat a bit more frequently while you are recovering.  Your fine if you end up eating 6 smaller meals per day instead of the recommended 3.  Also, be sure you are drinking plenty of water.


Take it easy and feel better soon!

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