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Balance - Fastd's Post-Whole30 Log


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I have problems with balance.


I've now completed three Whole30s successfully - two last year, and one this year. Yay! But, I still really struggle with how to "ride my own bike." For most of last year, it felt like I was either on the Whole30, trying unsuccessfully to get back on it (i.e. doing a whole bunch of Whole5s and even a couple of Whole15s, and then beating myself up for quitting), or way, WAY off it. It was a roller coaster ride, and while the highs were lovely, the lows were not.


This year is all about bringing balance to my life. And, as I learned by doing the Whole30 a few times, it really does start with food for me. I can't find my calm, centered self (yes I just said that) unless I am putting good food into my body most of the time. What does "most of the time" mean for me? I'm not really sure right now. But I'm hoping to find out. 


Today I reintroduced gluten in the form of a piece of lemon cake from Whole Foods at a birthday party. Totally. Worth. It. Even though my stomach is churning a bit right now. The Larabar I had earlier today definitely didn't help. Totally. Not. Worth. It. 


I know I can't tolerate gluten well, and the same goes for dairy and beans. In terms of healthy-but-psychologically-problematic-for-me foods, I need to steer clear of nuts and dried fruit most of the time. But sometimes I want to indulge in these foods and really enjoy them. No beating myself up.


My plan for now: I'll be sticking to the Whole30 template for the next four days, at which time I get on a plane to Australia. For a three week vacation. What?! Super exciting. And super scary, because I don't want to lose the tiger blood feeling I've been rocking for the past several weeks. 

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