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Starting tomorrow, woot woot!


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So I just finished reading "It Starts with Food" yesterday (gobbled it up quite quickly) and I figure "Why not tomorrow?" I haven't gone shopping yet for the week so figured it's as good a day as any.


I've been thinking of cleaning up my diet for a while, but today was the last straw. I've always had a killer sweet tooth, and today a coworker brought 3 cakes to the office (and it's a small office!). I ended up eating 3 pretty big slices... and at that moment I decided that there really is no time to make a change than today. I really feel like my sugar problem is an addiction (if not in the clinical sense, it at least feels like it) and I really owe it to myself to break that cycle.


Plus, I have a husband with his own set of issues who is more reluctant to change his eating habits than I am. I figure if I get started and do my best to be a good example, he may decide to join me somewhere down the line. :)


Looking forward to give these 30 days a shot!

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