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Day 1 - so far so good = )


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Day 1 and I am feeling good -

I am so glad I followed directions and planned and then re-read and planned some more - yesterday as i was reading I realized that because of my health challenges I should be on the protocol for autoimmune disease - that changed things a little - the biggest hurdle would be no eggs - I was planning on having eggs for breakfast and tuna salad for lunch - Luckily I found this recipe for eggless mayo



I made it and it is really excellent! So game change! I had leftover steak and leftover broccoli for breakfast and made a nice tuna salad with the eggless mayo, broccoli slaw, spinach, olives, and pickles! 


I am feeling excited to be starting to make positive changes for my health - I hope all the others who are starting today are having a good day, too! I realize when I read the timeline that this is the honeymoon period - but I am feeling confident that this is very doable! 

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