Started Whole30 today, March 18


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Hi there! My name is Laura, and I just started the Whole30 program today. I am looking forward to working this program, but I know I'll pay for my pre-Whole30 "binge" where I felt I needed to eat all the foods and drink the wine I won't be having for quite awhile. Last night was my nephews 21st birthday dinner with the family. We went for Mexican food and margarita's....yum...


With that said, I'm committed to following the program to a T, and will appreciate any support and accountability I can get from this forum. I live alone, so I don't have to worry about anybody else being involved with the meal decisions. My 2 dogs and 2 cats eat what I feed them for their meals, and the dogs gaze longingly at whatever is on my plate without judgement. LOL


I would love to get to know as many people following this eating/health plan as I can, as I am going to live it as a lifestyle.


Here's to a new day, everyday! :D



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