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First time dining out - Cantina Laredo


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Hi all,


I'm on Day 18 of my first Whole30 and feeling great. I have not gone out to dinner (only Freshii and Chipotle a few times for lunch), so I'm a little nervous. On Day 21, I'm getting together with friends I haven't seen in a while and we're going to Cantina Laredo. Does anyone have any advice when looking at this menu?




I was thinking the fajitas without tortillas, cheese, etc., but I'm not sure about the oil they use. The Tampico with no sauce and no cheese also sounds somewhat safe, but again I'm worried about oil. Or the Carne Asada, but I would also have to confirm what the onions are marinated in and the oil in the chimichurri.


I'm doing really great and I don't want to ruin this by accidentally getting something non-compliant. I also might be over-thinking this, so any advice is appreciated :)


Thanks all!



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