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My first Whole30 - starting May 2nd


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Hi everyone,

So here it is in black and white - I'm committing to a Whole30 starting May 2nd. Why not the 1st? Because it's Beltaine on Friday and although I barely drink anyway, celebrations will involve a little cider and I decided to have the 1st as my day 0 for that reason.

I'm doing this to clean up my diet - I have mostly adhered to a paleo diet over the last five or so years after discovering that it helped my ME/CFIDS symptoms and kept my blood sugar and energy levels stable, but over the last year or so I've lost motivation, and all sorts of stuff started making its way into my diet including fairly regular wheat indulgence and far too much dairy and chocolate. Coupled with stress and a few other factors and I am now pretty sick.

I also have Rosacea, Reynaulds, Psorias IBS and suffer with depression and anxiety.

So, since my health went seriously downhill two months ago I've been contemplating a Whole30 - I've also been preparing for it, as my energy is really limited, so I've been working out ways of prepping things so I never have to do too much at once when I make a meal.

I also cut out pulses and all grains except rice a month ago, and have cut my coffee consumption down to one cup a day. Given my existing issues I didn't want it to be too much of a shock when I started!

Needless to say my blood sugar is already much more stable :) and my Rosacea is way better too.

I'm not anticipating that this will cure my CFIDS/ME as I'm already aware that it was emotional and environmental stress that triggered it originally and my tendency to drive myself which perpetuates it, so my main aim is to clean up my diet, break my re-acquired bad habits,identify any food intolerances which are contributing and hopefully feel a lot better!

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