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Hubbs and I started on the 27th


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Hello, my name is Tina and I started the Whole30 on the 27th.  (hi, Tina!)



At first, I just introduced this concept as dinner table conversation--as in, "hey, saw this kooky thing in an article" which morphed into "um, we kinda need to do this" to "we really have to do this"...which led to a day long exploration of all of the places we could get "good food" locally.


 After a 3 hr grocery store trip and several hours prepping the kitchen and pantry, we were ready to hit the ground running...and so far so good.  Day 3 is...not so bad.  Even resisted Drumsticks (the ice cream cone thingys) that my lovely son bought and hid in the freezer. (17 yo daughter and 20 yo son obviously NOT doing the Whole30, although they have enjoyed some of the yummy recipes from the book so far.


Pork Chops and Applesauce on the menu for tonight (really looking forward to that) and Brisket for dinner tomorrow.  Not tired of eggs.  Yet.  Not really missing anything...yet.


Oh and after 3 homemade mayo failures, an entire bottle of oil and lots of not so clean language, I finally got it.  Never felt so victorious.  

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