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May Day start date


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Starting tomorrow, May 1st. Won't be dancing around any Maypoles, but I'll be busting out my Whole30 recipes! This will be my second; I completed one in November of 2013. Looking forward to regaining the benefits I experienced the first time around.


It's just me and my trusty (sometimes) mutt, so there will be no excuses for what foods come into the house (or go into my mouth). And the dog is already eating grain free, so he's got a leg up on me (figuratively, that is. Geez!).


Okay, I have a cat, too, but the ingredients list on his "hair ball formula" kibble is too small to read, so he's on his own. But I haven't caught him with any cookie crumbs on his whiskers or melted chocolate on his paws, so I don't think he has any "sugar dragon" issues to overcome.


So it's onward and upward tomorrow. And, yeah, if I come across a Maypole, I may do a little dancing. But just a little.



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LOL Maggie, sounds like you have the right attitude!  I've been going for 2 weeks and have enough energy now to spend the whole weekend dancing around Maypoles!


As I'm a first timer, I'm interested to find out from people who've done it before how long they felt the benefits last and is it easy to keep going with healthy eating after the 30 days is up.  How did you find it last time?




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Hi, Gabrielle:


When I finished my first W30, I was surprised that there was nothing I felt overly compelled to bring back into my diet. Maybe I loosened the parameters a bit; I don't remember specifics. Mostly in terms of keeping to the meal schedules. I'm not really a breakfast person. I did my W30 in November or 2013. In 2014 I lost 25 pounds through improved eating (mostly paleo). But I regained 15 of those pounds. As time went on (and stressors began to build), my diet became pretty horrible. Mostly in regards to sugar consumption. I rarely eat grains any more, and try to avoid High Fructose Corn Syrup. And dairy has been pretty much just in the form of lattes and cream in my cold brew coffee.


When I did the first W30, I had really bad acid reflux and my knee and hip joints were very stiff and sore. Those things went completely away. The acid reflux came back slightly, but nothing like before, and I have just recently begun to notice my joints stiffening up again. I am pretty confident that those issues will clear up completely again. I didn't lose much weight on the W30, but my waist sucked in quite noticeably. That, of course, has reversed itself as I regained weight.


I'm looking forward to seeing how this W30 fares. Maybe I need to commit to a "tune-up" W30 each year or something. We'll see.


Sounds like you've got a good start on your W30! I think you'll be pleasantly surprised by the end of your month (if not already).

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