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Day 23 = saggy britches : )


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I can't believe I am at day 23 already !! Yesterday was rough ( not hard ), meeting after church with

lunch provided. It was set up for BBQ sandwiches. There was mac n cheese, chips, fried

okra and rolls. How ironic is that, all my favorites right there laid out before me. I prepared

myself with a bag of almonds not thinking it would run till 2:00. Well I went through the line,

put about 1/4 c of pulled pork on my plate and 1/2 c of chicken with NO sauce.

I SURVIVED AGAIN !! I did get a horrible headache but after a well prepared meal for

dinner I got some relief and felt like I was back on track. I did learn over the weekend that

to much red meat makes me feel bad so its back to the chicken, fish or turkey for the last

week of my journey.

   When I got dressed today my regular work pants are very loose, having to roll down

the waist band to keep them up. Not a bad problem to have !



Feeling confident



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