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Dear Diary: WholeAmanda's Whole30 Log


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Hello fellow Whole30-ers! Thanks for stopping by my (b)log!


I journal regularly with a pen and paper, but was just thinking that it would be great to have a virtual space for me to scribble down my thoughts on this journey. Clearly, I'm not the first (or hundredth) with that idea. 


Below you'll find my thoughts, cravings, whining, excitement, recipe notes, and more. I'm so excited to be on this journey with you!








Day 0 (Friday): Cleaned out my fridge and pantry and made a beeline to Trader Joe's with my grocery list in hand to stock up on all the delicious, compliant foods I could fit in my grocery cart. 


Day 1 (Saturday): Because I am simultaneously stubborn and ambitious, I decided to start my Whole30 on the same day I was shooting a wedding and would be on my feet, doing endless squats, and running up flights of stairs for twelve straight hours. I'm happy to say that I packed and brought all my own food, avoided the gigantic wedding cake (though I could smell the sugar from 100 feet away), and made it through the day with no mishaps (or thinking I needed to chug tons of caffeine!). I was pretty proud of myself.


Day 2 (Sunday): Spent a good portion of the day batch cooking for the week. I can tell that I'm going to have to set aside a good 6-8 hours to devote to list making, grocery shopping, and cooking, but I'm sort of looking forward to it. I can't imagine how non-culinary Whole30ers do it!


Day 3 (Monday): My first day at work on Whole30, which I was a little nervous about given how much I used to snack while sitting at my desk. I was shocked at how little hunger I felt throughout the day, though my head felt a little fuzzy and I didn't feel as clear-headed as I'm used to in meetings. I hope this resolves itself. That being said, I had no morning or 2pm slump, which was a big accomplishment. My mood was also much better than it has been in the past month or so, but I'm holding off on attributing all of that to the program.


Day 4 (Tuesday): Posted on the boards because at around 11am I started getting really shaky and lightheaded. I'm guessing I'm not eating enough, which was confirmed by the hunger-pangs I was feeling before bed. I'm so used to snacking and not allowing myself to feel full that I probably eat much less than I should -- especially given how much I like working out. Found a great blog ( Whole30-compliant recipes that I plan to scour later to build a meal plan for next week. 


Day 5 (Wednesday): This is a relatively common problem that I've read about, but eating breakfast first thing is such a challenge! Eating a big breakfast is even harder! I realize that is the first-of-first-world problems, but is just so out of my routine. I ate a banana along with my breakfast frittata and still didn't feel as full as I probably should have. Still got some shakes and pangs around 10am, which I partially cured by a bite of a Lara Bar. (I know they're for emergencies only, but embarrassing myself in a meeting because of low blood sugar wold have been pretty bad.) Going to be way more conscientious about eating to the point of fullness, not just to the point of not-hungry. For me, I think there's a big difference in terms of how long I stay satiated. 

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