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Day 5 - I'm Still Alive


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Crazy as it sounds...at work people are telling me I look great...what have I done different?  Is it your hair?  Not sure but you look good.  Another co-worker, who I shared that I am doing the Whole 30, told me she saw a difference on Monday.


I have waves of feeling great, then tired, then great, then tired, then it looks like things are clearer.  Am I just on a Whole30 high?


Must say, though, my face looks thinner, and my pants feel loose.  I am curious about my weight, but will not give in to that curiosity until the 31st day.




Michelle ;)

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You sound like you are doing great Michelle  :)


I have highs and lows in energy too!


I am day 7.


My pants seems loose. I hope it's true that good things are happening!!! One thing for sure-bad things are NOT happening. ;)

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