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Day 11 - On To The Next One


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Good evening everyone,


I had two comments from co-workers today.  One said "Michelle....stop losing weight cuz I keep finding it!"  We laughed.  Another co-worker, who hasn't seen me in awhile said "Michelle...have you ever lost a lot of weight".  She asked what I was doing and I told her to check out the Whole 30 website.


My brain feels great.  It is happy.  This makes me happy, content and confident.  I think I have personally discovered what "Tiger's Blood" means.  Love it!! :rolleyes: What's that song?  " I can see clearly now the rain is gone...."


Tomorrow, "In the spirit of cakelessness" (LisaPT is HILARIOUS!!), I am celebrating my birthday.  I am going for lunch with my Mom, Dad and sister.  I have already checked out the menu to ensure I make Whole 30 choices.  I have finished 1/3 of this challenge and refuse to have a set back.  No way, Jose!!


My sister, who is doing a Spartan Race in August (amazing woman I tells ya) is going to take me to the YMCA, on Saturday,  so I can do laps in the pool.  I think I would like to start with that activity even though I have not swam in years. My sister said it will come back to me.


She wants to give me something that will enhance my health and wellness which may include passes to the pool.  Thoughtful!! 


I will sign off now as me and my happy brain are going to relax before calling it a night. 




Michelle B)

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