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Finally doing a Whole 30 after I got my dear husband on board, we didn't plan very well though, so had a rough day 1.

Day 1 - 9/4

M1 - bacon and sausage, black coffee

s - mac nuts

s - hot dog

M2 - salmon-sardine patties (used ISWF recipe and added a can of sardines) w/ lime mayo in a curry coconut wrap, iced tea

WIO-indoor climbing

M3 - chicken wings (from Paleo Comfort Food), green beans w/ olive oil and balsamic, and bacon grease-sauteed greens

Things to work on for next 29 days - eating veggies in M1 and M2, having food prepared so I don't have to snack while I'm cooking, and taking my prenatal vitamin (got the one recommended in ISWF) and digestive enzymes at every meal.

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Day 1 (take two) - 9/5

Ugh, spaced out and forgot that our bacon was cured w/ some sugar. Not really sure what to do, I don't really want to stop using our bacon grease to cook greens . . . a shop about an hour away sells duck fat that is equally tasty, but not sure when I can get up there.

M1 - 2 hot dogs and 2 eggs, iced black coffee (not too bad)

S - way too many dried persimmons - had a work meeting with frosted cookies (I love anything with frosting!), and a coworker allergic to eggs brought these delicious dried fruit and I just kept eating them while staring at people eating cookies, it was kinda weird.

M2 - salmon-sardine patties w/ lime mayo in curry coconut wrap and lots of grapes

S - black and green tea

M3 - spaghetti squash w/ beef and mushroom sauce, coconut oil fried plantain (plantain was pure black, thought it would be bad - but it was delicious), natural calm and vitamins - this was the only meal I remembered to take them

WIO - walk to work and after dinner walk

Due to lack of planning, I have been eating a lot of fruit. I have a major sweet tooth, so I know that is something I need to work on. Had my husband take our chocolate stash into his office so I don't have to think about it while I'm working from home! Other things I am working on while doing Whole 30 are having a regular sleep schedule and starting a mindfulness meditation practice, tried to do the body scan this morning and fell asleep . . .oops!

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Day 2 - 9/6

M1 - black tea, 1/2 apple, 1/3 avocado, and summer squash, mushroom, and sausage casserole (held together by less than 1 egg)

M2 - salmon-sardine patties w/ lime mayo in curry coconut wrap, mac nuts, ghee fried burro banana, green tea

S - grapes and coconut flakes

WIO - body weight exercises + 1 round tabata - felt very weak

D - spaghetti squash w/ beef and mushroom sauce

Took my vitamins at every meal, hardly got any work done, was pretty tired in the afternoon and had some digestive upset. Did not have morning coffee, first time in ages, so that probably contributed to tiredness. I need to start recording my food as I eat it, it took me a long time to remember it all today - and I still feel like I'm leaving something out. So ....

Day 3 - 9/7

M1 - black tea, grapes, 1/2 avocado, and summer squash, mushroom, and sausage casserole (held together by less than 1 egg)

M2 - 1/2 lb shrimp sauteed in ghee w/ cherry tomatoes and garlic, 3 sheets sesame nori chips (from Well Fed), frozen banana

S - black tea (feeling a bit sleepy at 3:20), a LOT of coconut chips at 5:45

WIO - 15 minute walk

M3 - chicken skewers w/ peppers, onions, and summer squash w/ "not-peanut" sauce from Paleo Comfort Food, some young coconut and young coconut meat (this was our Friday mocktail)

Slept for 11 hours last night and woke up with a headache, I am amazed by all the people without flexible schedules, who power through this!

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Was in bed 9 hours, but spent a fair amount of time tossing and turning, probably too much sleep the night before. Not sure this could be Whole30 related, but a body-weight workout I did last week that I was quite sore after - I was not sore AT ALL after this week. Did a much harder workout today, will be interesting to see how I feel the next few days!

Day 4 - 9/8

M1 - pineapple, half a piece of breakfast casserole (last piece - so sad.), and cold brewed coffee (not tasty)

WIO - x-fit: 3x5 chin-ups (used 5 lb band for first 3 sets, and struggled through last 2 sets w/ my bodyweight), met con (60' broadjump, ring rows, weighted lunges, and push-ups)

S - free sample of coconut water and half a GT's kombucha (I swear I read this is compliant, but it was so tasty if felt wrong)

M2 - coconut wrap w/ italian beef, peppers, tomato, and basil and papaya

M3 - country ribs w/ bbq sauce (from Paleo Comfort Foods) and green cabbage sauteed in coco oil and bacon grease

After I have been going on about how I need to reduce fruit, my husband stopped by a produce market and picked up a ri-dic-u-lous amount of tropical fruits!

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Day 5 - 9/9

Slept around 8 hours, pretty solid I think, but I don't exactly remember - need to log daily!

M1 - pineapple, 2 eggs over easy, venison sausage link, and cold brewed coffee with coconut milk (yuck)

WIO - 3 hour hike w/ about 1800 feet elevation gain, hard b/c sore from work out 9/8

M2 - leftover chicken kabobs w/ curry sauce, few pieces of papaya

M3 - leftover shrimp, avocado, and lime mayo

WIO - bike ride, frisbee in the park

M4 - cactus fruit mocktail, pork tender loin w/ grilled figs and apple sage compote, and grilled peaches w/ balsamic, chamomile w/ mag

*took vitamins at meals 1&2

Another fruit heavy day, but lots of activity - so I feel okay about it, just hoping it isn't setting me back in terms of clearing up my face and back. Other health symptoms I am trying to improve are waking up phlegm-y (no change so far), 3 tiny warts on my hands, and lack of work motivation (having to do work I do not like, but must finish!) Any advice in dealing w/ any of this is most welcome!

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Day 6 - 9/10

In bed for 9.5 hours, too much tossing and turning going on though.

M1 - black tea, coconut wrap w/ salmon-sardine patties, cherry tomatoes, basil, and lime mayo, vitamins

S - green tea (just trying to keep track of all caffeinated drinks)

M2 - clean out the fridge soup (beef broth, venison sausage, cabbage and onions, sweet potato, cherry tomatoes, and parsley), half a grilled peach w/ balsamic, vitamins

M3 - seared ahi w/ green onion, coco aminos, toasted sesame oil, with wasabi mayo, green sauteed in bacon grease, vitamins

A cystic pimple showed up on my chin between M2&M3.

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Day 7 - 9/11

Slept less than 7 hours, feeling anxious and couldn't fall asleep.

M1 - salmon-sardine patties and two eggs, black tea, vitamins

M2 - leftover tuna, half avo

WIO - x-fit: 1.5 mile run, 23-93 lb dead lift, 180 single unders, 33 pull-ups with band: 27 mins.

M3 - more clean out the fridge soup, vitamins

Forgot to bring my pants and my post-workout meal to the gym. Borrowed some shorts, but did not borrow any meals :). I know I did not eat enough today, partly anxiety related I think. I WILL meditate in the morning.

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Day 8 - 9/12

More restless sleep, a little less than 7 hours. In other news, I. am. so. annoyed. We ran out of meat from our CSA last weekend, and our delivery isn't until Thursday, so I had to buy some meat from Whole Foods. Thought I would save some time, and buy some pre-seasoned breakfast meat. Of course I asked about sugar, but didn't ask about oil! Who adds oil to pork?! Whole Paycheck does :(. Soybean oil, and I ate it. And I'm gonna eat it tomorrow. I am bummed, but I am not going to start over. I actually plan on eating Whole30 style until my issues clear up, except for a big glass of red wine at the end of my 30 days! Soybean oil or not, Friday October, 5, I will have a glass of wine w/ my husband to celebrate our wedding anniversary :). Now time to meditate, then off to work.

M1 - the culprit (chorizo) and eggs, small glass of kombucha and a black tea, vitamins

M2 - grilled chicken breast w/ mayo in a pure wrap, side of over-steamed broccoli w/ olive oil and vinegar, pineapple, and dried persimmons (work meeting again, stayed away from freshly baked cookies)

S1 - black tea and more dried persimmons - not a good choice.

S2 - mac nuts

M3 - duck confit, mashed cauli w/ ghee, mushrooms and garlic w/ ghee, mango - about to go bad, so we needed to eat it, vitamins + D + nat calm

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Day 9 - 9/13

Finally some good sleep! 8.5 hours, not sleeping as deep as used to in the mornings, which I think is a good thing.

M1 - chorizo and 2 eggs

S - making some trailmix/granola type stuff for backpacking, and snacked on some of it (nuts, a dried fig)

M2 - dinner leftovers, small leftover salmon-sardine patty w/ mayo, vitamins

S - ugh, snacked on granola as it was cooling. overdid it a bit.

M3 - dozen raw oysters w/ mignonette (went out to happy hour w/ friends)

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Back from backpacking trip, and had IBS flare-up (timing documented below - so if this topic bothers you, do not read on), hoping it was all the nuts and not the coffee.

Day 10 - 9/14

M1 - spiced lamb and eggs, black tea

M2 - canned smoked salmon, avocado, tomatoes, mayo, some dried figs

WIO - backpack into site (~6 miles)

S - freeze-dried fruit

M3 - 1/2 lara bar, 1/2 pound steak, 1/2 a scrambled egg (an egg that broke on the hike in), tea

Day 11 - 9/15

M1 - italian sausage and 2.5 eggs, VIA coffee

WIO - hike with lots of rock scrambling, jumping in super cold lakes, and peak summiting, super fun.

S - granola (homemade w/ all kinds of nuts, seeds, pumpkin, and dates), an hour later first IBS-D event (luckily we were close to camp-site - and TP - but still a REALLY stressful 1/2 mile hike :( . . . )

M2 - coconut milk, canned chicken, canned shrimp, canned mushrooms, curry paste, freeze-dried fruit

Day 12 - 9/16

M1 - coffee, granola, freeze-dried fruit, half apple, coconut milk - was already suspecting the granola wasn't healthy for me, but did not have any other food - 2nd IBS-D event immediately after breakfast

M2 - avocado, foil-packed salmon, 2 curry pure-wraps, few slices of dry chorizo, dried figs

WIO - hike back to car :(

M3 - We stopped at Jack's Urban Eats on the drive home and shared a salad (romaine, peas, broccoli, grilled mushrooms, roasted beets, roasted red peppers, and tri-tip) and roasted turkey w/ green beans.

Day 13 - 9/17

M1 - spiced lamb and eggs , coffee - 3rd IBS-D event after breakfast (not my beloved coffee!, still hoping this is due to leftover inflammation from all the nuts over the weekend)

Definitely giving up nuts for a long while, still having internal struggle on the possible coffee issue. (Also menstruating during entire trip which clouds issue, I think my body is more sensitive in this part of cycle.)

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Day 13 - 9/17 (cont)

We are starting the week totally unprepared b/c of the backpacking trip . . .had to throw stuff together for lunch. I have some baby back ribs in the crockpot for dinner though. I've never cooked them before, hope they turn out good!

M2 - 2.5 hot dogs, sauerkraut, papaya, coconut butter, vitamins, small coffee

S - 5 small strawberries

M3 - 2 big baby back ribs w/ bbq sauce (pretty tasty, I think I may have been supposed to cut off some kind of membrane?), half a big sweet potato, red cabbage with apples, vitamins

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Day 14 - 9/18

slept 7.5 hours, felt okay

M1 - 2 pork-beef sausage patties, 3 eggs, a few blueberries, vitamins

M2 - banana, 1/2 pound shrimp w/ leftover bbq sauce, red cabbage and apple, few tablespoons of coconut cream concentrate

Horrible tension headache this afternoon, I took 2 ibuprofen and took over an hour nap - no relief, so frustrating. I was hoping for a really productive day now that I'm halfway through, but I've gotten nothing done and the acupuncturist I've recently started seeing has no available appts that I can make it to.

M3 - salmon w/ mayo, greens sauteed in bacon grease, small sweet potato w/ ghee, tiny pieces of coconut butter, vitamins

had headache all night.

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Day 15 - 9/19

7 hours of good sleep

M1 - 2 pork-beef sausage patties, 3 eggs, a few blueberries, vitamins, small glass of kombucha, small coffee

s - coffee

M2 - leftover salmon w/ mayo, green beans w/ EVOO, garlic, and balsamic, coconut butter, banana

M3 - tiny coconut butter while cooking, goat taco meat, butter lettuce, half avo, green salsa

Had a crazy day today, decided to accompany my MIL to Hawaii on Sunday (that is 4 days away!), going to be interesting staying Whole30! She pretty much eats the same way, but does splurge on vacation . . . ack.

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Day 16 - 9/20

About 6-6.5 hours of sleep, lots of planning to try to figure out Hawaii. Trying to figure out all I need to do before leaving! I'm going to have to plan my husbands meals while I'm gone, he is not much of a cook . . . he usually eats a burrito two meals a day when I go out of town! I am seeing really rapid positive changes in his body, and I like it, so I want to encourage him to stick with it while I'm out of town. He has made it clear he expects me to stick with it while I'm in Hawaii also, no pina coladas for me! Eating out is not going to be easy though!

M1 - 2 pork-beef sausage patties, 3 eggs, a few blueberries, vitamins, small glass of kombucha, small coffee, vitamins

S - small coffee

M2 - coconut butter and mac nuts (hungry while heating food), goat taco meat, 1/2 avocado (forgot vitamins)

M3 - roast w/ broth, onions, leeks, carrots, celery, vitamins, plantain fried in ghee

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Thanks Suzy! It feels good to have made it halfway! The only thing I am getting sick of is planning meals and cooking, so heading off to Hawaii will hopefully be a nice break from that. Definitely planning on doing breakfast and most lunches in the room, but will try to focus on simple foods, any ideas welcome!

8 hours of good sleep last night. Noticed a few new zits last night :(, have been feeling some stress and anxiety which usually go hand in hand w/ break-outs. Definitely going to have to stick to Whole30 longer than 30 days, I am hoping to lengthen the luteal phase of my cycle and shorten my periods. Going to get my hormones checked out next month, but I would rather not use progesterone cream . . .

Day 17 - 9/21

M1 - 1 pork-beef sausage patty, 1 hotdog, 2 eggs, a few blueberries

M2 - leftover roast and broth, coconut butter and mac nuts

M3 - shared seared ahi w/ salad and steak salad w/ husband (from Tender Greens)

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Day 18 - 9/22

M1 - spag squash, italian ground goat frittata

M2 - coconut butter w/ mac nuts, salmon-sardine-sweet potato patties, mayo (made one w/ half mac nut oil, half coco oil, turned out delish)

M3 - steak, shrimp (cooked in ghee and coco oil), kabocha squash

Day 19 - 9/23

M1 - spag squash, italian ground goat frittata

S - carrot cake lara bar (on plane to Hawaii!)

S - coffee (while trying to shopping make plan), apple banana grown in Hawaii, yum.

M2 - fish tacos w/ out the tortillas (two small pieces of fish, cabbage slaw, chipotle dressing)

M3 - wilted spinach salad w/ sweet onions and bacon, mahi mahi w/ basil glaze, steamed veggies

I know I am not going to be able to do perfect Whole 30 going out to eat every day in Hawaii . . . but I am going to do my very best. Watched my MIL eat a hula pie, and was not tempted (very much).

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Day 20 - 9/24

M1 - coffee, 2 eggs cooked in ghee, tomatoes

M2 - lettuce, roast beef slices, tomato, avocado

S - some kind lara bar type thing w/ cherries (it had expired and kinda gross)

M3 - spicy garlic shrimp, green and red raw cabbage w/ lillikoi dressing (I am guessing this had sugar in it.)

I did not eat enough today, picked up some grass fed beef burgers, some veggies, and tons of fruit - hoping to eat better tomorrow.

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Ugh, it's over - 9/25

Well, I had a nice long run, but eating meals out finally got me for good. I had been doing my best, but am not the type of person to question a waiter and make a ton of specific requests - it just makes me uncomfortable. So, I already knew I had definitely had sugar seed oils, so I was losing steam and feeling frustrated. BUT then I made a conscience decision to have coconut rice. So - I am going to keep doing the best I can, but plan on starting over mid-October. Guess I won't be logging here anymore :(.

S - coconut chips

M1 - roast beef slices, eggs, avocado, coffee, mango, pineapple

M2 - ground beef w/ onions & garlic, italian mushrooms, long beans w/ balsamic and OO, purple sweet potatoes w/ ghee, and papaya w/ lime

M3 - green salad w/ fruity dressing, monchong (Hawaiian fish), 2 shrimp, half a lobster tail, few broccoli florets, coconut rice

The real bummer is, the coconut rice wasn't even very good, and I definitely could have asked them to sub sweet potatoes. Oh well, trying to take it easy on myself, see y'all in few weeks for my do-over :).

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