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Starting June 17...


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My whole family (including 7 children ages 20-4) are starting our first Whole30 on Wednesday. We cleaned out our pantry and 2 refrigerators today. I am menu and grocery planning tomorrow, and shopping on Tuesday. We are all looking forward to what changes we will be seeing. The kids are even excited, though it is funny they are most upset over not being able to have hummus. I would love to keep up with others who are at the same start date as we are.




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Hi Shanna,


How did your first day go?  I am on Day 19.  I love the Whole30 recipes.  I also bought the eye opening "It Starts With Food".  I do see positive changes in my moods, people have noticed a weight loss and my clothes are loose.  I am strongly considering another Whole30 after this one to keep my mindless eating in check!


Wishing you all the best in your healthy lifestyle journey!!




Michelle B)

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Good Morning, Shanna.   


I also started on June 17.   How wonderful that you and the entire family are doing this together.   I am amazed at myself that I feel so confident about doing this...a month ago I looked at the plan online and said no way, but something clicked when I looked at it again.   To prepare I made my own mayonnaise, the citrus salad dressing, made up chicken and egg salad to have ready for lunches.


Last night, after a long afternoon of sitting and waiting for my car to be serviced, I arrived home and stuck to my plan for dinner...a small steak and a beet/orange/avocado salad drizzled with the citrus dressing.   Also yesterday was day one of my husband being gone for a month (that is one reason why I chose this start date).   And instead of being depressed and blue and finding myself in the kitchen looking for food to comfort me, I posted back to Whole30 that my day one had been successful.


Hope your Day one was delicious and fun...and let's have a great day two.   I'm headed out to do my dog walks and gym later...gonna be HOT here today so need to get started early.





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