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Starting July 6th


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I decided I wanted to do the Whole30 a couple months ago. I got the book, and at the beginning of June, I told my husband I was doing it and I truly wished he would do it with me, but that if he didn't want to, then OK. He decided, as nervous as he is, that he wants to, scratch that, needs to do it with me. June was entirely too busy with weddings and graduations and Father's Day and birthdays for us to be successful... WAY too many temptations to handle. So I picked July to give us a good, fighting chance. We start Monday, July 6th... that way we're not tempted with 4th of July BBQ's.


I am excited to see what's on the other side of the Whole30, but we're both very nervous about it. I a complete change for both of us. I am already gluten free, but I am a huge dessert person... so I feel like the Sugar Dragon is going to be alive and furious in me! My husband has never been much of a sweet eater, but loves chips and crackers and things like that. Plus, he travels a lot for his job... so any tips anyone has on that would be great. He's not one to be "that guy" so I'm afraid trying to eat out on plan for him is not going to work well. We'll need to plan foods he can take in a cooler and maybe order some of the Whole30 Approved prepackaged snacks and emergency foods.


I think we both are emotional eaters... so that's going to be challenging as well. Any thoughts on that topic?


Also, I'm debating whether or not I should document our Whole30 online (whether I blog, or use Facebook, or whatever). I can't decide if it will help keep me accountable, knowing that everyone knows; OR, if it will just be embarrassing for me/my husband when we get comments from people who don't understand, etc. Or should this just be a private thing? Does anyone have any words of wisdom on this topic?


I can't wait to start this journey... but at the same time, I'm scared to death.


Thanks for listening,


Pittsburgh, PA



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