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Starting July 16 - really excited!


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I had a few stumbles the first week in terms of not eating enough - it took me a while to get the right amount of protein, and remembering to include sweet potatoes helped a lot with energy and satiety. I'm on Day 29 and I'm telling you, you can do it! It's great, but not easy; planning will make the difference. And it got me out of my cooking comfort zone. Some favorites I'd never made and would heartily recommend: zucchini noodles (recipe at Clothes Make The Girl), squash potage (super simple slow cooker recipe at Turmeric and twine), another tomato sauce slow cooker recipe at the same blog, and gazpacho!


I ended up with a shopping day, and cooking day, and a bunch of containers in the freezer to make the use of time more efficient. I built my shopping list around how long things would last: canned goods like coconut milk and ghee that go in so many things; semi-lengthy perishables like root vegetables, peppers, or eggs as well as garlic; and highly perishable things I'd want in the next day or two like fish, meats, mixed greens.. 


You're gonna kill it! ^^

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