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Somewhat late, started July 14th


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Day 6 report: Fairly light "withdrawal" symptoms. Only had a slight headache the first few days, that's been continuing. Have not wanted to kill anyone yet(except at work, but that's a whole 'nother story)

Sweet Potatoes are amazing. (tried them once, thought they were TOO sweet. Yesterday I went back to the ((pre-processed bagged)) I had tried before and looked at the ingredients...sugar EVERYWHERE...why try to make it sweeter? Mind you, this is coming from someone who drank black coffee BEFORE the Whole 30...)

I foresee some problems with temptation in the future because...I work at a grocery store. Temptation is literally right in front of me, all day long. But I'm pretty sure I can soldier through. I also have an entire produce section to choose from if I forget my packed lunch for veggies, canned tuna, etc.

Not a huge fan of avocados and I hate olives, so finding eatable fat isn't as easy

Tomorrow I'm roasting chickens, making protein salad, bone broth, Basic Mayo, etc...

So far, so good! I already feel like my energy levels have stabilized, on the "low" end of the "highs" As easily as my first 6 days have been, I wonder what my Tiger Blood stage will be like?

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I started on July 14th as well. Days 1 and 2 were my worst so far with regards to how I felt, since I had a caffeine withdrawal headache from going off soft drinks cold turkey. Today was rough too as far as cravings. I managed to get through two parties this weekend with not a single slip, and there was a TON of temptation. Today, when back to regular life, I was cranky and irritable, and for hours just wanted to throw in the towel. Finally made it through, and am ready for day 7. 

Do you like almonds? Would that be a good edible fat? I but the natural ones that are dry roasted with no salt. 

I think working in a high temptation place like you do, you're going to just have to make sure you have all compliant foods prepped and packed to bring with you to work. Got to be tough!

Good luck!

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It helps that I've worked there long enough that, before I started, most of the tempting stuff was now just "colored boxes"  But yeah, I'm going to try to remember to bring my lunch every day(difficult, since I have ADD)  I have noticed that with the meals I HAVE been having I haven't felt the need to snack as much.  I used to eat SOMETHING every 15 break in addition to the 30 minute lunch..



Haven't needed to do that with the Whole 30 meals. 



That said, the candy aisle was seriously calling my name last night.  I (metaphorically) put my fingers in my ears and sang "La la la" to myself until I got past it

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