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Started 8/3/15


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I started my Whole30 on 8/3/15. My goal is to decrease inflammation in my body to resolve my acne and help with my overall health. So far, I did experience the sugar/carb hangover on Day 2 only. Felt pretty good most other days. Today is Day 6 and tomorrow is Day 7 and the fatigue has set in. Thank goodness for the timeline in the book so I know this is NORMAL.


I enjoy cooking and I love the ease of the recipes. Tonight I am making the ginger blueberry scallops. Love the mayo, ranch and pesto. Most of the cooking I have been doing has been pretty close so the transition is not too difficult so far. I have managed to avoid the sweets and treats at work meetings, and alumni event for my college and out with friends. I made tea sangria with strawberries and it was delicious. So far so good. Meal prep tomorrow for my work week!

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